Fungi and Natural History

This is my first blog attempt. As I learn how to use it this space it will be where I post my observations and discovery of the Fungi of southern New England. Since I’m an all round Naturalist I’ll wander past mushrooms into every other area from time to time including birds, flowers, insects and everything else under the sun….and moon. Here goes…

One thing leads to another. After each of the Great Extinctions on planet Earth vast opportunities arose in the biological vacuum left behind. New forms arose to  fill in these voids. The biological solutions to fill in the available niches are always new, unique, magical manifestation. The forms called dinosaurs in one era become birds in another. In other words the story of evolution. This is what interests me, this unfolding of the mind of god that is the never-ending story of evolution. For me Fungi are the key characters in the story line. For me mushrooms carry the plot, direct the action. But it could have been anything. For others it may be bugs or turtles or microbes. But my muse is the lowly fungus. Who speaks for the lowly mushroom? I DO!

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